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Our professional chauffeurs are prepared to handle all your transportation needs with prompt, dependeable, and courteous service. Our vehicles are guaranteed to be clean, safe, smoke free, and air-conditioned. With the Limo Exchange, you'll arrive at your destination in style and comfort!

Prom Limousines

Renting a prom limo from Limo Exchange is one of the safest and most exciting ways your child can attend this milestone event in their high-school life. A group of friends can ride together, and parents can chip in to lower the cost of the limo. Parents also do not have to worry about anyone driving on unfamiliar roads late at night. All things considered, it’s just a few dollars out of a parent’s pocket to ensure a safe, comfortable, and exciting ride to the prom or any post-prom activities.

For the prom participants, a limo ride to the prom is the ultimate method of transportation. The girls love the idea of riding together with their friends and the boys are proud to show off  their special date to the prom by renting a luxurious limo. In fact, one of the greatest joys for all prom attendees is pulling up to the venue in style and having every one in attendance seeing them exit the limo. Prom limousines are so popular today, it’s hard to book a limo for prom night unless you book early. In most instances, it is wise to book the limo a few months before the event in order to get the vehicle desired. All of our drivers are trained to look out for suspicious activities among the teenagers. All bags and personal belongings must be stored in the trunk or up front with the driver at all times. Parents must also sign a contract stating that they will be notified immediatley if any drugs, alcohol, or questionable behavior is noticed by the chauffeur.

Wedding Limousine Service

Since a couples wedding is one of the most important events in a their life, a stretch limousine from Limo Exchange is commonly the transportation method of choice. Until recently, only the bride and her wedding party used a limo on her special day. Nowadays, parents, relatives, friends and co-workers are all renting limousines for a comfortable, safe and reliable way to get to and from a wedding.

For those people that like alcoholic beverages, they are able to enjoy the big day knowing they have a designated driver who will transport them home safely.

Wedding planners typically book the limos from Limo Exchange early, because they know how important it is for the bride and groom to get the vehicle of their choice and to arrive at their wedding destination in the ultimate luxury: a beautiful stretch limo from Limo Exchange.

Special Events Limousine

Renting a  limousine from Limo Exchange is becoming more and more popular each day for family vacations. Families are starting their vacation out right by renting limos to get them to the airport in style. 

Instead of the transportation to the airport being stressful, it becomes part of the family’s fun memories. Getting dropped off at the proper terminal is a much better experience as opposed to searching for parking lots or paying the high fees the airports charge to park in their parking garages..

Girl's or guys night out: Many people are renting limos for their special  night out activities. Whether the plan is to see a concert or visit a casino, women feel comfortable knowing that they will arrive at their destination safely and securely. Since enjoying a few cocktails together is often part of the festivities, no one has to worry about driving while intoxicated or refraining from the fun because they are the designated driver. 

Emotional events: Graduations, funerals, religious rites like a Holy Communion or Bar/Bat Mitzvah are also very popular occasions that for renting limousines today. Emotional events, whether very happy or very sad, put stress upon the driver at a time when he or she may be distracted or needed elsewhere. By renting from Limo Exchange, it eliminates the worry about who’s going to drive or even how you are going to get there. Instead a safe and timely drive to the event is guaranteed.

Whether its a sporting event, concert, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, or any other special occasion, let the professionals at Limo Exchange help make the night enjoyable for all.

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